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Yamaha LS-TA Transacoustic - Vintage Tint

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The Yamaha TransAcoustic LS-TA 6-string acoustic-electric guitar offers a one of a kind acoustic guitar playing experience. With its in-built reverb and chorus, you'll enjoy the sound of a resonant guitar wherever you are playing, no matter the conditions.

It is spruce top and all solid tonewood and has the richness of Yamaha's ARE treatment added.

You'll be inspired by this guitar.


  • Expertly crafted acoustic guitar
  • Unamplified ambiance
  • Yamaha's S body shape

This is such a well made guitar that you'll appreciate the warmth and detail that only comes with the woods used in its crafting.

Get an ambience even without plugging in.

The Yamaha TransAcoustic's calling card is its onboard reverb and chorus effects. What sets them apart from other instruments with onboard effects is that these don't require any external amplification. Engage the effects via the simple-to-use controls, and it's like you're playing in a rich, ambient venue. No amp or PA required. And when it's time for the gig, you can access those same great tones plugged in through the guitar's System70 pickup system.

Yamaha's S body shape

Yamaha's S body style is a comfortable design, similar to popular folk and OM acoustic guitars. You'll find numerous benefits from this construction's compact dimensions. The narrower waist adds a focused midrange to the guitar's acoustic voice. This really helps your fingerpicking and string-to-string definition shine through. The smaller dimensions also make the TransAcoustic LS-TA 6-string acoustic-electric guitar very comfortable to perform with, either sitting or standing playing with your band.

Yamaha TransAcoustic LS-TA Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • Acoustic-electric guitar with onboard effects
  • Reverb and chorus can be used without external amplification
  • Easy-to-use 3-knob control layout
  • Solid spruce top treated with Yamaha's A.R.E. technology
  • Solid rosewood back and sides
  • Onboard System70 electronics sound great plugged in

The Yamaha TransAcoustic LS-TA delivers a high-end, professional guitar.

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