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TC Helicon

TC Helicon Harmony V100 Acoustic Amplifier

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100 Watt 2-Channel Acoustic Amplifier with Vocal Processing, Looper, Tannoy Dual Concentric Speaker, Top Firing Tweeter and 4-Button Footswitch. The Harmony V100 Acoustic Amplifier is crammed full of features and innovations that can help you weave intricate, evolving sounds at home or in clubs and halls. Maximize your audio potential to capture attention and hold it with an array of fascinating vocal and guitar effects and looping in an easy-to-carry processor and amplifier system.

  • 100 Watt 2-channel acoustic amplifier with amazing vocal processing

  • 10" TannoyTM Dual-Concentric speaker and an exclusive Top-Firing tweeter provide massive crystal clear audio to you AND your audience

  • 4-button customizable footswitch to control looper, harmony and effects included

  • Voice channel with Adaptive Tone, Intelligent Anti-feedback, Pitch Correction, Harmony, Reverb and Delay

  • Guitar channel with BodyRez, Intelligent Anti-feedback, Tuner, Reverb, Delay, Chorus and 3 band EQ

  • Built-in looper for practicing, developing ideas and enhancing live performances

  • Harmony function automatically creates up to 2 voices of smooth and accurate vocal harmonies

  • BodyRez restores natural tone to acoustic guitars when using piezo under-saddle pickups

  • Intelligent anti-feedback on each channel automatically stops feedback

  • Accurate integrated chromatic tuner with mute function

  • Dual XLR DI jacks with flexible routing for complete control of your sound

  • USB output for direct recording to a computer allows easy capture

  • Dedicated Aux input for playback of MP3 players, drum machines, etc

  • Guitar Highlights:

    Chromatic Tuner

    Auto Anti-Feedback

    Body-rez acoustic resonance enhancer

    Bass, Mid and Treble EQ controls

    Three types of Chorus

    Room, Club and Hall Reverb Styles

    Tape, Digital and Slap Echo Styles with Tap Tempo

    Vocal Highlights

    Adaptive Tone - your personal sound engineer

    Auto Anti-Feedback

    Chromatic Pitch Correction

    Up to two voices of guitar controlled vocal Harmony

    Room, Club and Hall Reverb Styles

    Tape, Digital and Slap Echo Styles with Tap Tempo


    1.5 minutes loop time

    Unlimited overdub

    Input can be set to guitar only, vocal only or all

    Loop time sets Echo tempo (except Slap Echo style)

    Silent erase with Stop switch (programmable to footswitches)

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