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T-Rex Image Looper - Stereo Looper Pedal


T-Rex Image Looper - Stereo Looper Pedal

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The Image looper offers simplicity and high quality audio, with a maximum loop length of 5,8 min. in true stereo/mono operation.
A phrase looper has become a useful tool for guitar and bass players, because it is such a useful tool:
For teaching/clinics, a basic chord progression can be recorded on the spot as a quick and easy way of providing a sonic canvas for explaining ideas/theory.
Solo artists/buskers can record percussive “rhythms” or entire songs, then layer additional stuff on top in real-time for a pseudo “band” sound.
Saved loops can be played back even after power-down, so it can also work as a small sampler foot controlled audio playback machine.

Having all the available commands spread out on two footswitches, each with an led-bar for indication, the user will always know what the looper is doing – the leds will indicate which mode is currently running:

  • Recording: The rec/play led is lit
  • Playback: The rec/play led is blinking
  • Stopped recording: The stop/erase led is lit
  • Stopped playback: The stop/erase led is blinking
  • Undo: Both led´s are blinking
  • Empty: No led´s are lit/blinking

Very intuitively, the led´s indicate what just happened, what IS happening and/or what is about to happen if a switch is pressed.
The audio processing keeps the sound quality intact with no added compression for a clean and clear “image” of what you feed into it when recording. 

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