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Steinberg UR44C Audio Interface

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Steinberg introduces the UR-C range of audio interfaces, featuring 32-bit/192 kHz audio resolution and USB 3.0 connectivity for Mac, PC and iOS platforms. Steinberg are notorius for robust build quality, high performance spec with ranging I/O capability and outstanding value for money.

Series Overview

  • USB 3.0 for fast, reliable and seamless connectivity to Mac, PC and iOS devices.
  • USB Type-C bus-powered operation (UR22C/UR44C, depending on host spec)
  • 32-bit Integer / 192kHz support
  • Class-A D-PRE mic preamps
  • Built-in DSP for zero-latency monitoring with effects for every DAW
  • Cross-platform support (Mac/Win/iOS)


Finding a location for making high quality band or ensemble recordings has got a whole lot easier with the UR44C. With multiple high-quality inputs/outputs, professional-grade components, DSP effects and flexible use with computer or iOS device, all wrapped up in a compact, roadworthy package, anywhere is now your recording studio.

  • Capture the subtlest nuance of every sound
  • Record at the highest level
  • Easily record a complete band
  • Latency-free DSP effects


  • 32-bit/192 kHz audio resolution
  • Class-A D-PRE mic preamps
  • Compatible with all major audio software
  • Latency-free monitoring with DSP effects
  • Loopback function for streaming
  • MIDI input and output
  • Superspeed USB 3.1 with USB-C

Included software

  • Cubase AI
  • Cubasis LE
  • dspMixFx mixing application
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