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Shubb Guitar Stainless Steel Tone Bar

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The SP1 is the original Shubb-Pearse Steel designed by John Pearse and is favoured by many 8-string lap steel and Hawaiian guitarists for its extra length (3-3/8") and cutaway bullet tip.

Our SP Guitar Steels are designed by musicians with the special demands of todays playing styles in mind. They offer unique design features not found on any other bars, including cutaway ends for improved control, and a semi-bullet tip which facilitates movement across the strings.

Weight 5oz
Length is 3.125" plus curve
Semi-bullet tip, cutaway

Our guitar steels are now made of solid stainless steel...

Resists nicks and scratches far better than a plated bar.
And if it ever should get a nick or scratch, it can be buffed out, unlike a plated bar.

No plating to wear off.
Any plated bar will wear down, and people end up replacing them. A stainless bar will remain as good as new indefinitely outlasting a drawer full of worn out plated bars.

An incredible value at its price.
Solid stainless steel bars typically cost double the price of the SP or RR steel.

It is a change we have long been considering. It is a significant product upgrade, plus it makes sense on other levels. Quality control problems have increased over the years, as plating shops must comply with higher standards in their use of chemicals and disposal of waste. No one wants to come down on the wrong side of an environmentalissue, and while stainless steel might not leap to mind as a stereotypical green solution, in this case it is. By moving away from plating on this product, we are endeavoring to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

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