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Schecter Damien 6 Satin Black

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For fans of horror films from the late '70s and '80s, you're more than familiar with the name Damien. And like its fictional namesake, the Schecter Damien sows sweet sonic chaos and comes out smiling each time. This solidbody electric guitar is powered by a pair of Schecter Heretic humbucking pickups that create flaming hot tones for rock and metal. The satin-finished mahogany body is incredibly comfortable to play, thanks to deep cutaways, contoured body shape, and thin maple neck. But most of all, the Damien looks every bit as evil as it sounds, thanks to blacked-out hardware and custom Bat fingerboard inlays. If you're ready to take the plunge, the Schecter Damien will give you a playing experience that's hard to put into words.


Schecter Heretic pickups unleash a demonic tone

Much like an omen, you'll know a Damien when you hear one. This solidbody axe is powered by a pair of Schecter's Heretic humbuckers that give it a hot, almost demonic tone. Crank the gain, and your riffs will smash into your amp with a punishing fury. And when it comes time to rip a solo, the burning hot highs cut through the mix with ease. 


Durable construction withstands tons of use and abuse

Sometimes, onstage antics can get a little out of hand. Thankfully, the Schecter Damien is built to whether almost anything you throw at it. The mahogany body feels lightweight and resonant, which you'll love when performing long sets. You get blacked-out hardware with rock-solid tuning machines, so you spend less time tuning and more time rocking. Take it from us, the longer you spend playing the Schecter Damien, the more tricks you'll find hiding up its sleeves.


Thin neck profile facilitates fluid playing

Schecter carved Damien's neck into a Thin "C" pattern to help you play to your full potential. It's thin enough to stay out of your way but leaves just enough wood in your hand to feel reliable and responsive. A rosewood fingerboard and 24 Dunlop nickel/silver frets play smoothly under your fingers. And once your fingers start dancing up and down the fingerboard, you'll see what we mean.



  • Mahogany body provides a balanced tonal foundation and boatloads of resonance
  • Schecter Heretic pickups produce punishing lows and screaming highs
  • Maple neck with a Thin "C" profile facilitate effortless playing
  • Bat fingerboard inlays add a sinister vibe
  • Black hardware ties the design together
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