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Savarez Argentine Gypsy Jazz Strings 1610 - 10-45 Ball End

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The original Argentine strings were those used by Django during the years when he wielded his Selmer Maccaferri guitar. These strings although giving excellent tone were prone to early wear and breakage. These were still available until only a few years ago. The New Concept" strings now available incorporate modern winding technology, though not giving way to quality of tone. Providing a harder wearing, smoother string that delivers that elusive Gypsy Jazz tone that other strings just cannot live up to. Used by many of the great current Gypsy Jazz artists today they are without doubt the most popular. Once used most do not go back to earlier varieties.

1610 Extra Light Ball End - 10 14 22 28 36 45
1610MF Light Ball End - 11 15 23 29 37 46
1510 Extra Light Loop End -10 14 22 28 36 45
1510MF Light Loop End - 11 15 23 29 37 46

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