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Radial Twin City Active ABY Switcher Pedal


Radial Twin City Active ABY Switcher Pedal

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This Active ABY switcher utilises a Class A buffer which minimises any potential hums and signal loss associated with long cable runs. It is used in combination with Drag Control - which allows the delivery of the correct load to the pick ups in the guitar, maintaining the naturalness and the pure tone from your guitar plugged direct into your amp! A built-in isolation transformer and specially designed electronic impulse switching (EIS) ensure there is absolutely no noise, eliminating interference that can often occur when using multiple amps. The Twin City includes a phase alignment switch that when engaged overcomes any polarity issues, to ensure both amps perform in absolute phase.

The extremely compact yet ultra rugged design makes the Twin City ABY ideal for pedal boards where space is always at a premium. Use of a 9V power supply allows the addition of LED indicators on the pedal, providing an easy view at a glance of the status of the pedal, ideal for the performing guitarist on stage.

The Twin City ABY... the most compact active and noiseless switcher made today!


  • Class A Amps with drag control
  • Two outputs
  • On-board transformer to eliminate hum & buzz
  • 180° polarity reverse to phase-match amps
  • Standard 9 volt power supply operation
  • Solid steel construction
  • LED indicator light
  • Phase alignment switch
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