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Orange Crush Acoustic 30W Amplifier Black

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Orange Amplification is delighted to launch the Crush Acoustic 30, extending its’ range of acoustic amplification products. The new Crush Acoustic 30 is designed to project clear, distinct sounds with its angled construction and 30 Watts of power.

It comes with two channels with built-in reverb and chorus across both. The global notch filter reduces feedback efficiently and precisely with one control. The Crush Acoustic 30 is lightweight, portable and battery powered. True to Orange’s traditions, it is simple, versatile and affordable. 

The Crush Acoustic 30 twin channel capability, packed with many advanced features, makes this compact combo extremely flexible and perfect for live performance, busking or practicing at home. Channel 1 is the dedicated acoustic guitar channel. It is equipped with a pad switch which can take off up to 10dB, helping users maintain a clean signal for higher output instruments.

This channel is also armed with a 3-band EQ which allows quick sound changes and a colour switch which boosts presence and cuts the midrange frequencies a little. Channel 2 features XLR input, meaning it can be used with a second guitar or a microphone. The phantom power is switchable as is the mic/line input.


  • A Guitar And Microphone Channel – With Feedback Notch Control And Xlr With Phantom Power Switch.
  • Reverb And Chorus Digital Fx With Blend And Level
  • Fx Loop
  • Unbalanced Line Out
  • Balanced Line Out Post Eq With Ground Lift
  • Aux In
  • Battery Or Dc Power Adaptor Operation


    • Ch 1: Pad Switch, Colour Switch, Gain, Midrange, Bass
    • Ch 2: Phantom Power Switch, Mic/Line Switch, Gain, Bass, Treble
    • Master: Level, Mid-Range Contour, Fx Select: Blend, Level
  • SPEAKER: Custom 8″ Voice Of The World With Whizzer Cone
  • OUTPUT POWER: 30 Watts
  • UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (H X W X D): 28cm X 32cm X 23cm (11″ X 12.75″ X 9″)
  • UNBOXED WEIGHT: 6.12Kg (13.5Lbs)
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