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The White Loop is a two loop true bypass looper. What separates the White Loop from many other similar products is the flash loop function.  The White Loop has a green and red loop. One switch toggles between these two loops. The second switch bypasses both loops. 

  • 2-Channel Loop Flash Switcher
    • Allows guitarists to quickly toggle between two loops or bypass both.
    • Difference between the White Loop and Black Loop:
      • Flash Loop Function:
        • Left footswitch toggles between the two (Red & Green) loops. 
        • Right footswitch bypasses whole pedalboard
    • Different Uses:
      • AB Switch
      • Amp Channel Switcher
      • Tuner Output/Mute Switch
    • 2x DC outputs to add extra power to your pedalboard
    • The White Loop can be used without DC power, however the LEDs will not function.

Different Uses - Explained

The White Loop is a two-loop true bypass switcher that allows guitarists to quickly toggle between two loops or bypass booth loops instantly. The left switch toggles between both loops and the right switch will bypass the entire pedal. This is a great tool if you want to have quick channel changing but don't want to buy a large switching system. Just like the Black Loop, two DC outs are included.

Amp Channel Switcher
In addition to doing loop switching the White Loop can also do basic amp channel switching when you aren't using the loops. Simply run an instrument cable from the send or return of the white loop, depending on what amp you are using, and insert the cable into the amps foot-switch input. 

AB Switch
The White Loop can also be used as an AB switch with a mute function. Simply plug one amp into RED Ch. SEND and the other amp into GREEN Ch. send at the left switch with toggle between both amps.

Tuner Output/Mute Switch
If you attach nothing to the output then the LOOP/OFF switch, then it will simply act as mute if you connect a tuner to the output so while muting you have the ability to tune your guitar and the tuner will be out of the way of your signal chain. 


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