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One Control Rocket Grey Fuzz

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Bjorn has always believed that the fuzz pedal is even more important than the moon landing in the 60s, and he may be right. Fuzz guitar is one of the most fun and exciting ways to make guitar sounds, and the new One Control Rocket Grey Fuzz will bring some new and classic fuzz tones to your aural palette. Starting with the classic octave up style fuzz, made famous by Jimi and many others, the RGF redesigns this style of fuzz so that the octave up effect is playable all over the fretboard - not just from the 10th fret up! In addition, the tone is much purer and less ring modulated than older designs. The input circuit optimizes the sensitivity for guitar, enabling the player to engage either the octave up or standard fuzz circuit without needing to adjust tone - and also has a smoothing circuit to make the overall tone a bit more agreeable with a wide range of amplifiers. Now you can use your octave fuzz with intervals like 5ths and major 3rds without the "farting out" sounds that older designs created. You can enjoy the fruits of nearly two decades of Bjorn's research into how to create two of the best fuzzes possible with this one new pedal - the One Control Rocket Grey Fuzz.
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