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Martin & Co M465 Mandolin Strings - Retro Monel Wound 11-40

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Dance across the fretboard with speed and fluidity. The Mandolin is a splendid instrument that has become an integral member of the American Bluegrass band. Martin Mandolin strings are crafted to provide rich, warm tones and brilliant long lasting trebles.

Find the warmest, deepest sound in your mandolin with this articulate, balanced, long-lasting set of strings. Made to amplify the natural tone of your instrument, Martin designed their mandolin strings to sound resonant and broken-in from day one and to live in the sweet spot of brightness for as long as you keep them on your instrument. With an even response and naturally corrosion-resistant construction, Martin's new mandolin strings are built so you can spend less time tuning and more time playing. The new Monel mandolin strings are available in Medium (11) gauge (M465). Martin Mandolin strings offer a warm natural tone, clear brilliant treble and easy playability.

Gauges: 11-15-26-40

Tension: 186.9

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