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Lone Wolf Blues Company

Lone Wolf Blues Company - Jason Ricci Microphone

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"When I came to Randy Landry and the team at Lone Wolf about designing a microphone, I really didn't want to redesign or customize an existing microphone as I had already done this in the past with the 57 and another great company. I never thought Lone Wolf would be able to do it or would ever take such a big risk! I wanted to build something unique to the modern day needs of the harmonica world, but having been involved in a few harmonica-related designs and fabrication business ventures, I knew the risks were substantial, and I could only hope for such cooperation and funding on a concept. I was blessed with the cooperation of an exceptional team under Randy Landry with Lone Wolf. For the last one and half years, Lone Wolf Blues Company has done a brilliant job at bringing the microphone I had envisioned into reality, looking, sounding, and feeling better than I could have ever imagined it. This wasn't easy, and we struggled, but we had fun and learned a lot by building a microphone both myself and everyone at Lone Wolf Blues Company is proud of. The microphone may literally have my signature on it, but a group of hard-working Americans from Louisiana have all put their marks on this exceptional mic." 

"To my ears "The Jason Ricci Signature Mic" by Lone Wolf Blues Company sounds much like a standard Shure 57 type unidirectional Instrument Mic with perhaps a slightly more pronounced bottom end. When held/cupped tightly, I hear the microphone compress more than a 57 can, and thus it’s capable of a bit more distortion or break up. Cupping the microphone less tightly produces a nearly identical tone to that of a 57 or the Unidyne III "Butterfield" Mic with a brilliant, natural, and unaffected virtual acoustic harmonica sound. The ergonomics of the Jason Ricci Signature Mic and its overall shape were carefully designed, tested, and then scrapped a few times by all of us before resulting in the finished product we bring you now. The Jason Ricci Signature Mic, I feel, is the perfect compromise between the "Bullet" versus the "Stick Mic" debate where ergonomics are concerned. The volume control knob is perfectly situated to give the player, who holds the mic conventionally, easy access to volume changes without ever having to uncup by using the back pinky finger. Here is a microphone that is super comfortable; designed for harmonica players; looks good with high-quality, hand-fabricated parts and custom powder coating, sparkles, UV printing, and more. It feels good; it sounds great. It is simply the best microphone I have ever played with harmonica, and I couldn't have done any of it without the help of Randy Landry, Nathan Heck, and the whole team at Lone Wolf Blues Company!" 

Jason Ricci 

    • Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
    • Sensitivity: -73db at 1,000Hz
    • Frequency Range: 40hz – 14,000 Hz
    • Low Z Impedance: 300 ohms, XLR Male Connector
    • High Z Impedance: 100k ohms, 1/4" Female Connector
    • Weight: Hi Z = 9oz, Lo Z = 8oz
    • Length: 5 ½”


    1. Choice of High or Low Impedance
    2. Volume Control
    3. Billet Aluminum Handle
    4. SLA Produced Grill in Highly Durable Material
    5. Heavy Duty Construction

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