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JourneyTek Active Dual-Source Acoustic Pickup Upgrade


JourneyTek Active Dual-Source Acoustic Pickup Upgrade

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IMPORTANT: To use this pickup, you must have an upgradeable passive pickup module as well. EP-001 (3-Piezo Steel String Pickup), EP-004(4-Piezo Classical Pickup), or EP002K (2-Piezo Bass Pickup).

This module may also be used to upgrade existing Journey Instruments Guitars and Bases that have the upgradeable passive piezo system already installed. 

This module can be easily installed without the use of any tools by adhering 3 modules inside your guitar: 1) a remote control unit to the sound hole, 2) a central pickup unit with attached gooseneck microphone, and 3) a 9V battery case.

The remote control unit discretely fits around the edge of the sound hole and features 4 knobs – Volume, Balance, Bass, and Treble – as well as a button for Phase adjustment.

General Specs and Details:

  • 1 Internal Control Module that includes a hifi 6mm condenser gooseneck mic
  • 1 Sound Hole Remote Unit with  4 control wheels – Volume, Balance, Bass, and Treble – as well as a button for Phase adjustment. Fits most acoustic guitars with traditional sound hole diameters of 9-11 cm.
    • Note: Treble & bass adjusts on 3-piezo channel. Microphone balance is neutral.
  • 1 9V Battery compartment
  • 1 extension wire for line out to the pickup jack
  • Additional double-sided backings for repositioning
  • Frequency response 22Hz-18kHz
    • EADGBE guitar frequency range is E2 (82 Hz) to F6 (1,397 Hz)
  • Re-configurable to passive status in case battery loses power when traveling.
  • NOTE:
    • The endpin jack is a mono channel, not stereo. The pickup is dual-source which is then blended to a single output signal.


(FOR TRADITIONAL ROUND SOUND HOLE GUITARS ) Our premium active dual-source pickup module made for guitars with traditional sound holes with a radius of 9 to 11 cm. When installed with an upgradable passive piezo JourneyTek™ pickup, this 9v battery powered pickup system delivers spectacular acoustic sound with robust tonal control – and it features discrete sound hole controls so it requires no modification to your instrument (with exception of drilling an endpin hole for the pickup jack).

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