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Jim Dunlop Polish Cloth

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100% soft lint-free cotton flannel. Nontreated material. Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish, and string cleaner.

Specially constructed so they don't just push polish and dirt around like most cloths out there. They actually lift dirt, oil, fingerprints and dust from the surface of the guitar without lifting the finish. Generously sized at 30cm x 30cm they are also machine washable (but don't use fabric softener on them as it seems to mess with their magical qualities!). This cloth can also be used on dozens of other household objects too, from musical instruments to glasses, phone and computer screens. You name it.

  • Microfibre Polishing Cloth - For All Kinds of Instruments & More!
  • High Quality Jim Dunlop Brand
  • Large 30cm x 30cm size
  • Light Weight
  • 100% soft lint-free cotton flannel
  • Nontreated material
  • Perfect for applying lemon oil, polish, and string cleaner
  • Yellow in colour with black Dunlop logo on one corner
  • Will last for years
  • Perfect for either electric, classical, bass or acoustic guitars
  • Also perfect for all other kinds of instruments & more
  • Machine Washable (but avoid fabric softener)
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