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Hohner Enthusiast Silver Star - Key Of D

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• Series: Silver Star Harmonica
• Key: D
• Tuning Style: Diatonic
• Comb material: ABS Comb
• Cover: Polished Stainless Steel
• Case: Rugged Pocket Size Plastic Case
• Lessons: Free Online Lessons

The harmonica is the world’s most popular musical instrument. An instrument that can sound good in all situations, it is for many people, their first musical instrument and for many of those, the harmonica remains their enduring musical instrument of choice.

Artists from genres as diverse as rock, pop, roots, blues and folk use the harmonica in their music.

The harmonica gives you the ability to create beautiful sonic landscapes just with your breath and a little training, accompanying singing voices or playing solo.

The manufacturing of Hohner Harmonicas began in Germany in 1857. Mathias Hohner assisted by his wife and a single employee made 650 in their first year and that number has continued to grow year in, year out.

Hohner harmonicas quickly became popular and in his lifetime Matthias built the largest harmonica factory in the world. Today Hohner is a Global Company and wherever they are made, the sound and quality that is Hohner endures.

The Silver Star harmonica offers typical Hohner harmonica sound, classic design and build quality at a great price.

The Silver Star is a 10 hole, 20 reed diatonic harmonica and is the perfect introduction to the world of music.

Offering reliable performance under all climate conditions thanks to a resilient ABS comb, the brass reed plates are recessed into the ABS comb for greater playing comfort and stability. The ABS comb is also easy to keep clean and unlike wood, will not swell.

The Silver Star has stainless steel cover plates, a rugged plastic case and even comes with free online lessons!

This inexpensive, yet high quality model produced by Hohner is ideal for Children and beginners. The Silver Star harmonica is another example of a high quality product from Hohner at a very reasonable price.


• Series: Silver Star Harmonica
• Key: D
• Tuning System: Richter System
• Tuning Style: Diatonic
• Tonal range: 3 Octaves
• Length: 10.5 cm (4.1”)
• Comb material: ABS Comb
• Mouthpiece Surface: ABS
• Number of Holes: 10
• Number of Reeds: 20 Reeds
• Reed Material: Brass
• Reed Plate Thickness: 0.9 mm Reed Plates
• Reed Plate Material: Brass
• Cover: Polished Stainless Steel
• Assembly: Screw assembly for easy maintenance
• Case: Rugged Plastic Case

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