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Guild Starfire 1 Jet90 Archtop - Satin Black

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Roaring to the lead of the pack comes an all-new contender: the Starfire I Jet90. Born from the iconic Guild models of yesteryear and raised with rebellious, free-spirited individuality, the Starfire I Jet90 combines the classic Starfire body shape with the slick, rugged aesthetic of Guild’s vintage 6 in-line headstock.

Three Guild Franz P90 pickups anchored to a chambered mahogany center block have this baby primed for everything from crisp, vintage jazz tones to open-throttle overdrive. The six-way rotary switch allows players to dial in their preferred P90 combination for the right amount of bite to any riff, while switch position indicator pins (in the style of 1950’s Guilds) help keep the player on track.

The Starfire I Jet90 comes equipped with a Guild Vibrato Tailpiece and Tune-o-matic bridge for added tonal expression and range of playability

Semi-hollow construction

A center-block, semi-hollow construction — hollow on both sides with a solid mahogany core running through the center — gives the Starfire I Jet 90 electric guitar that classic Guild tone and response without sacrificing live playability. Together with its quality tonewoods, comfortable neck, expressive vibrato bridge, and daring electronics, the Starfire I Jet 90 has all the makings of a pro instrument at a very reasonable price.

Guild vibrato tailpiece

The Guild-branded vibrato tailpiece installed on the Starfire I Jet 90 supplies "big" (if you know what we mean) expression and control. From caterwauling rockabilly leads to cascading waves of texture and color, you'll find all the nuance you need in the Starfire I Jet 90's expressive vibrato system.

3 Guild Franz P-90 pickups

Early Guild hollowbodies featured handmade-in-Queens Franz pickups modeled after the original P-90 design. The Starfire I Jet 90 comes loaded with three Guild Franz P-90 pickups to re-create that vintage-y Guild goodness. Run them wide open, and these single-coils deliver fat, biting tones. Roll back the volume, and they clean up to produce an open and chiming tone that’s ideal for jazz. You also get a 6-way rotary selector to dial in the exact picking blend you're searching for. Take it from Sweetwater: the Jet 90 can cover some significant sonic ground — all you need to do is take the time to experiment with it.

6-way selector switch

If you're the type of player who loves finding the perfect pickup combination (aren't we all?), you'll love the Starfire I Jet 90's 6-way rotary pickup selector. Together with the soulful trio of of Franz P-90 pickups and master volume and tone controls, it's a surefire recipe for expressive tone and a great time, in any performance setting.

  • Position 1: bridge only
  • Position 2: bridge + middle
  • Position 3: middle only
  • Position 4: middle + neck
  • Position 5: neck only
  • Position 6: neck + bridge
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