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EWS Stormy Bass Drive (SBD)

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Stormy Bass Drive is the first Bass overdrive pedal by E.W.S. A wide range of gain settings is possible, covering from clean boost sounds to fat crunch sounds, even deep high gain sounds. The toggle switch installed on the top of the pedal can set 3 types of EQ modes: Mid Boost, Normal, and Mid Cut. Mid Boost boosts 6dB around 750Hz and Mid Cut cuts 6dB around 400Hz. A tube-like and touch-sensitive drive sound can be obtained by always mixing two gain stages with different frequency characteristics, in addition to an amplification circuit that combines a MOS FET and a low-noise operational amplifier. Though being an ultra-compact pedal, a 9VDC external power supply or built-in 006P battery drive is possible, in addition to 3 controls (volume, tone, gain) and 1 mode switch (mid EQ) on the top of the pedal. A DC-DC converter is built in the power circuit, and the input 9VDC is converted to 16VDC. By using a 16VDC drive, a fat, cored low range and a firm high range are realized even when high gain is set.
  • Please only use the regulated negative tip 9VDC power adapter, and do not use other adapter except for a 9VDC negative tip power source to limit possibility of failure.
  • Upon powering the peda, you may experience a slightly loud pop noise when the pedal is engaged. This is not a device failure. Simply repeatedly turn on/off the pedal to dispense voltage, stabilizing the pedal.


True Bypass Switching
Power Consumption
9VDC / 15.3mA
Battery Type
9V(006P) x 1
AC Adapter
9VDC Negative Center Tips
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