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Double Go S3 Guitar Pickup w/ Built-in effects

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The Double S3 is designed specifically for the size, shape and sound of the acoustic guitar. This system is a masterpiece of innovation and design and will dramatically change the unplugged sound of your guitar. Built in Trans-acoustic technology (SFT same frequency trans) allows you to use effects through your guitar without the need of external amplification. Enjoy Reverb, Chorus and Delay to boost your guitars natural resonance and all through a rechargeable Side mounted pre-amp. This unit can also be used through an amplifier with full use of the on board effects and blend-able microphone for percussive playing techniques

  • Simple Install Controls
  • Active Two Channel Pickup
  • Built in Reverb, Chorus and Delay
  • Rechargeable Battery (included)
  • USA Made Piezo
  • Built in Condenser Microphone

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