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Cort B4FL MHPZ Fretless Bass - Open Pore Sunburst

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The Cort B4FL MHPZ Fretless Bass is a dedicated fretless instrument. Semi-hollow with a very pretty f-hole, this stylish instrument is rich in both tone and aesthetic, flashing flatwound strings that enunciate warm blue at the headstock.

The B4FL’s mahogony body and blackwood top combine with a half maple and Jatoba fingerboard (hardwood) offering a high quality, resonant instrument. With a 34inch scale neck and 26 black markers indicative of fret positions, a quality of ease accompanies playing this bass which can be appreciated by experienced and novice players alike.

A handy, wooden thumbrest rests between the neck of the bass and its magnetic Bartolini MK1 pickup. The B4FL also has a Fishman Powerbridge Piezo Pickup, used to simulate the sounds of an acoustic bass. The Piezo is useful for delivering a lot of higher frequencies. Both pickups have their own tone and volume control which facilitates individual and independent use of the traditional electric bass pickup and piezo pickup sounds, or for a blend of the two to the player’s taste.

Additionally, B4FL comes equipped with Hipshot Ultralite Tuners (classic 20:1 tuning ratio) which are made of cast zinc with aluminium strings posts and mounting nuts, resulting in 30% weight reduction over other regular tuners, also resulting in improved balance and tuning accuracy.

If you are looking for exceptional tonal versatility including a deep, organic and punchy low-end sound, this is an option for you.

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