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Colonial Leather

Colonial Leather Aboriginal Art Guitar Strap - Kangaroo Ground


Colonial Leather Aboriginal Art Guitar Strap - Kangaroo Ground

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Kangaroo Ground Aboriginal Art fabric sewn on 50mm webbing with 3mm genuine leather ends.
Slide adjustable in length from 80cm to 130cm.
Made In Australia

Bea Edwards is also known as Nambooka. She was taught by her grandmother. She belongs to indigenous language group of Pyemmairrener. Bea was born in Tasmania and currently she lives and works in Melbourne, Victoria. Nambooka is almost a household name after her famous design Bambillah. Many of her artworks are in public galleries and private collections. Nambooka’s art is about flora and fauna, indigenous development, nature and spirituality. Her artwork is distinctive, unique and aboriginal.

“Mirram Mirram Aka” means Kangaroo Ground. This artwork is bold, colourful and graphic. It shows that when you enter he grounds of Kangaroo, it is said that you will gain strength and stamina. The hunter would sit within the Kangaroo ground for some time before starting the hunt to gain the strength and stamina to ensure a successful hunt.

Please note that as this material is cut from a larger piece & design that the pattern may vary.

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