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Colonial Leather

Colonial Leather Aboriginal Art Guitar Strap - Bush Camp

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Bush Camp Aboriginal Art fabric sewn on 50mm webbing with 3mm genuine leather ends.
Slide adjustable in length from 80cm to 130cm.
Made In Australia

Audrey’s dreaming is Bush Onions, Bush Tucker, Wild Coconut etc. Audrey learnt painting from sisters and her mother.

Audrey’s works are vivid and strong. In her new design, Bush Camp, she depicted different types of medicinal leaves in the Bush Camp. The semi-circles represent people and concentric circles represent waterholes. Aboriginal people like camping in the bush and they perform various activities during the camping. The activities include playing football, running, throwing boomerangs, hunting Kangaroos etc. Sometimes, they sit around the waterholes to discuss various issues.

Please note that as this material is cut from a larger piece & design that the pattern may vary.

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