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Schecter Super Charger Mach-7 - Bridge Pickup

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Supercharger Mach series pickups are loud and open, which was why they were our first choice to be loaded into our Banshee Elite series. Our massive 1/4" pole pieces pick up every bit of articulation and can deliver clear robust mids, but also drive your amps front end when needed. Its unique bi-lateral construction gives thick and fluid tone that can accommodate both single notes and complex chords alike.

 63mm Universal Spacing
 4 Conductor Harness / Split Coil Design
 Engraved Powdercoated Aircraft Aluminum Baseplate
Pole Pieces
 14 @ .25" nickel plated carbon steel
 Proprietary high mass Ceramic-Barium impregnated central magnet
Output at full power
 14.5k ohms
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