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One Control Croc Teeth Patch Cable Kit


One Control Croc Teeth Patch Cable Kit

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The One Control CrocTeeth Solderless Patch Cable Kit for Pedalboards is designed to let you easily create customized patch cables for connecting the effect pedals on your guitar pedalboard, without the need for messy and unreliable soldering. With 9.8' of cable and ten 1/4" TS plugs, you can produce up to five cables with the option of wiring the plugs either straight or at a right angle.

Made in Japan, the thin and flexible MSL cable delivers a clean and uncolored sound, while offering protection against wear and tear due to twisting and bending.

Key Features

  • Create customized patch cables for your pedalboard with straight and right-angled connectors
  • Produce up to five cables from a single kit
  • Fast assembly with just a pair of scissors and a Phillips-head screwdriver (available separately)
  • No soldering required
  • 9.8' MSL cable for a transparent sound (made in Japan)
  • Durable, lightweight, and flexible cable designed for twisting and bending
  • Ten 1/4" TS plugs (straight/L-shaped)
  • Eleven assembly screws
Cable Length: 9.8' / 3.0 m
Diameter: 0.19" / 5.00 mm
Conductor: Tinned copper core wire
Insulation: Polyethylene
Shield: Tinned copper, braided
Connectors 10 x 1/4" TS plugs (straight/L-shaped)
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