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Line 6 POD HD500X · Guitar Multi Effects

The Line6 POD HD500X offers a unique combination of powerful features and meaningful sounds. With an unprecedented depth and versatility, the Multi-Effects Processors POD HD X-series enable a creative playground, where you can really let off steam. The Line 6 POD HD500X can also act as a MIDI control source, high-profile audio interface and core of your entire rig. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and beefy processing power each sound desire really can be met with the POD HD500X. The POD HD500X contains all essential amplifiers from vintage classics to modern monsters, each HD amplifier waits with unheard sounds, a unique character and a differentiated attack response. The attached POD HD editor / librarian software makes it childs play to prepare new soundscapes and manage your sounds. Consequently, you need not to worry about being crushed by huge amplifiers, just your POD HD X device. 

Line 6 POD
In 1998, the first Line 6 POD was launched onto the market and started a revolution in the field of guitar recording. The idea of taking sought after amps, cabinets and effects and digitally modelling them into a compact housing was a milestone in the field of music electronics. The POD series has since been further developed and is still part of the standard set up of many guitarists and studios.

POD HD X multi-effects come complete with the most sought-after collection of HD amps and guitar effects. Our powerful HD technology lets you experience each amp in stunning detail. Create lush sonic soundscapes and inspire your playing with studio-quality effects. POD HD X multi-effects give you the building blocks to create any signal chain imaginable.

With the POD HD500X guitar effects processor, Line 6 has once again upped the game. Already one of the most popular and powerful guitar processors on the planet, the POD HD has been updated with an even more powerful CPU. This unit gives you instant access to a warehouse of famous amps — plus multiple cabinets, hundreds of amazing effects, and even microphone models. AND you get all of this upgraded firepower for the same price as the previous model!

This pedalboard powerhouse packs 30 sought-after amps, modeled to perfection, to give you every nuance and detail of the originals — all in an ultra-portable, easy-to-use unit. Plug into the POD HD500X, and you're plugging into fantastic-sounding, HD-quality models inspired by classic Fender, Marshall, and Vox amps, as well as boutique essentials from Bogner, Dr. Z, and Divided by 13. You can even disable the power-amp portions of many amp models and pair their preamp sections with your physical amp's power section.

Line 6 didn't just fill the POD HD500X with all-star amps. You also get over 100+ premium studio and stompbox effects, 16 different cabinet models, and more! Create the exact sound you want by using up to eight simultaneous effects. And with the flexible routing options, you can place the effects anywhere you want in the signal chain.

Love two-amp guitar rigs? Line 6 lets you build your own, right inside the POD HD500X! You can actually create two independent amp and effects signal chains and blend them to run into one amplifier or route them out of the POD HD500X's 1/4" and XLR outputs in true stereo. You'll sound bigger and better than ever, onstage or in the studio.