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Kamaka Pineapple HP-1
Since 1916, that's right, over 100 years now, Kamaka ukulele has been giving the world wonderful musical instruments and this design was invented by the original Samuel Kamaka. 

The guitar has a waist to sit in your lap, but with the pineapple shape you are not going to miss out on anything you get from the waist on a standard ukulele. What you get is a little more soundboard to open the vibration of the top in essentially the same size instrument.

"The big secret of anything is quality control, but for us and my dad it has been selection of wood. Koa has been a traditional wood that has been fabulous for us -- it has the vibration quality." — Sam Kamaka Jr.

These gorgeous instruments are made right in Hawaii with a fantastic consistency of excellence. The sound and design of the Kamaka Pineapple is what really put Kamaka a notch above the competition just as the ukulele started to be built on the islands. In 1928 Samuel Kamaka patented the Pineapple shaped ukulele. Sometime in the 1940′s the patent ran out but they were the only company out of 20 ukulele manufacturers to survive the 1930′s economy. The sound is similar to the regular HF-1 Standard, but with a touch more body.

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