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The 1956 Fender Stratocaster is considered one of true classic Stratocasters. Fender switched from Ash to Alder as their primary body wood in 1956. ... Unique to this guitar: Ash body, one of the last years of V-shaped neck profile and "2-tone" sunburst finish 

We think that locating a Fender 1956 Stratocaster in almost completely original condition is, if you can afford to buy it, like winning the lottery. There are few guitars as beautiful, as desirable, as collectible. We are delighted to offer this nearly all original 1956 Fender Stratocaster.

The neck date is "10-56." There has not been any extra lacquer applied to this area confirming this is original
The neck plate number is #12206 which dates to 1956.  The pickup covers, volume and one tone, are original, however one tone knob is a later version  from the '60's – CTR1 knobs, pickguard and toggle tip each being Polystyrene (Bakelite). 
The 3 way switch & pickups are original  as are the covers. The average output for this era is 5.98K. These pickups have an output of 6.2K which is well within guidelines. These pickups sound so good!
The volume and two tone  potentiometers have been replaced with 1 x CTS potentiometer (c. May 1967 as per serial no) whilst the remaining two are of an unrecognised type. They do however all work perfectly. Further to this, a capacitor/resistor treble bleed modification has been wired in at a later day. This could easily be removed with no visible trace.
The output socket appears to have been replaced with an identical unit.
This guitar has signs of having been played and enjoyed over the past 52 years as it shows playing wear on both neck and body.
There has never been any extra lacquer över sprayed on the neck or body. These are without doubt all original.
The original frets have been replaced possibly several times if the playing wear on the finish of this guitar is any indicator. Luckily the fingerboard has never been shaved . The current frets feel great and have plenty of life left in them.
The Kluson Tuners äre of period' & appear original with the single word chain of 'Kluson Deluxe'' running length ways across the back of the tuner & a patent number on the underside .
 This guitar is set up to play beautifully, sounds amazing and has real deal mojo of a guitar that has been loved & played for over 60 years.
Includes the original hardshell case