Chandler GAV19T 19W HEAD (PRE-LOVED)

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"Wade Goeke of Chandler Limited has built his business on the solid foundations of vintage audio circuits with modern enhancements in both manufacturing and audio character. Chandler mic preamps and compressors have become standard fare for rock and pop recording, and their guitar pedals are quickly becoming favorites among session guitarists and live performers. This year, Chandler introduced a guitar amp head which also utilizes tried-and-true amplifier building blocks with some unique twists. The GAV19T is a straightforward, 19 watt, all-tube amp head, which like all Chandler gear, is hand-wired and comes housed in a bold, but classic-looking enclosure. Chandler only recently began offering matching, custom-loaded 2x12 straight and slant-front cabinets, so I didn't have one for this review. In any case, the GAV19T will happily drive almost any cabinet you can throw at it, so feel free to plug it into your favorite.

The GAV19T relies on an ECC 803 preamp tube and two EL84s for the power section. This could lead you to think of a VOX- type amp, which would be the basic building block. The ECC 803 (like the 6V6 tube) provides a very focused but more "chimey" sound than the Fender-type sound that many boutique amps emulate today. You could call this more like a classic British rock tone than the American blues or modern British overdrive sounds (both of which typically use the 6L6- type tubes). One of the first things you may notice about the amp is that the control set does not look like a typical guitar amp's. You will see the familiar power and standby switches, and input jacks for high (lead) and normal (rhythm), but the five knobs, labeled Boost, Tone, Bass, Treble, Input and Bias, look deceptively simple. Chandler chose to control the preamp tube with a five-position Bias control, which varies the sustain and frequency response of the preamp section and gives you the overall character of the amplifier. There is also a Tone switch (not to be confused with the aforementioned Tone knob), with Normal and Intense settings, which affects the power section and changes the thickness of the amp's tone from a chunky rhythm-type sound to a more articulate lead- type character." - Adam Kagan, Tape Op.

This one-of-a kind pre-loved head is only in our Guitar Brothers shop till it's sold, so come grab it before goes!

Tech Specs:
  • CHANNELS: 1 (Inputs High/Normal)
  • CIRCUIT: Hand-Wired
  • All Tube - Cathode-biased/class A
  • POWER: 19 Watts