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Bad Cat takes a 'no compromise' approach when designing and producing amplifiers. The goal in each classic style, hand built amplifier is to achieve great tone and sturdy construction. Bad Cat Amplifiers are designed and built entirely in Southern California. Each step of this process is where the quest for perfection really begins. Our team gets really excited about what sets Bad Cat apart. We call it the ‘Bad Cat Difference’. Meticulously paying attention to each component affecting the sound and performance of their amplifiers is a journey they love to undertake every day.

Hot Cat 100 Head:

- 100 watts
- Four EL34 power tubes
- Four 12AX7 pre amp tubes
- Solid State rectified
- Two channels (accessible via AB pedal)
- Class A
- Cathode biased
- Half power switch
- Handwired


You have two different inputs, one for the clean channel and one for the gain channel. You can change channel switching via an AB or ABY box. There are some real benefits of this as you can easily separate effects you only want to use with the clean or gain sides. The clean channel has a simple but effective volume knob and a shared Brilliance knob. 


The clean channel has distinct Vox sound to it. It breaks up beautifully when pushed and sounds huge. The clean channel has a lovely sparkle to it where as the gain channel has a darker, warmer sound. 

The high gain channel is somewhere between a Mesa/Boogie and Marshall territory. You have three different knobs that control the gain. There is a Gain knob that does what you'd expect. There is an Edge knob that adds or subtracts the sizzle in the gain. For those who think that the amp is too fizzy, just turn the Edge knob down. The Level Knob controls the amount of gain signal. This knob is different than the Master Volume knob. You can get classic overdriven tones by turning them down, or crank them up to get thick and meaty modern tones. The Treble knob works as a high pass filter that allows you to get a very shreddy thinner sound. 

The Hot Cat 100 really does blow you out of the shop once it gets going. The tone is everything you'd expected from a 100w amp, and it sounds absolutely incredible. It's an ideal studio recording amp, and if you don't mind the weight, it would be killer onstage well.